October 28, 2016

Plastic Waste Tanks 16 - Metal Tanks 0

We decided to do a comparison between plastic effluent tanks and metal effluent tanks to see exactly how they compared. Steel fans look away now.

metal effluent tanks have many disadvantages compared to plastic tanks

Our eminent effluent experts (including the Wizard of Waste, Mr. Jon Trelfa) first sat down to come up with a list of the key comparison criteria. They thought about their own experience of moving, using and cleaning waste tanks, and consulted a variety of clients too.

After filtering out a number of unsuitable or silly suggestions (ability to be used as a base for the world's largest parasol and suitability as a pontoon for a raft race were no-no's) the panel came up with 16 of the most important characteristics of a good waste tank. We are talking here about factors such as: weight, portability, ease of emptying and availability.

The next task was to rank plastic and steel tanks against the criteria, which is where the rout started.

This wasn't a game of two halves, there was no late goal in time added on to increase the suspense and the plucky loser didn't even manage a consolation goal.

Plastic tanks were in the ascendancy all over the pitch. 

  • ‍Production time for a plastic tank, one hour. For a metal tank, it's a bespoke build.
  • ‍Easy to fully empty (4 x 5" inlet ports & 2 x 12" waste removal ports) vs difficult (Typically 4 x 6" ports for waste inlet and waste removal).
  • Highly portable against lifting equipment required.‍

The list goes on.

As plastic effluent tanks take the championship trophy we'll be waving bye-bye to all of those metal tanks as they succumb to corrosion and end their days in sanitation yards around the country.

Full match details are available on our "Why Plastic?" page.

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Plastic Waste Tanks 16 - Metal Tanks 0

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