Pee-Pods - linkable in seconds

One of the huge benefits of the Pee Pod is that they can be easily linked together. This means that at public events, service vehicles do not need access to each urinal as the waste can be routed elsewhere using a 1" pipe. This is far safer as it allows emptying of the urinals without entering pedestrian zones.

It is also a time saving benefit as service staff only need to empty from one point rather than having to access every single urinal. Linking pipes can be made to any length required. Suitable arrangements should of course be made to avoid trip hazards.

With 120 gallons of capacity in each Pee Pod you can increase volume and ease the tricky topic of trying to clean urinals during an event by linking them together. This means that you will only need to cordon off one urinal for cleaning whilst the rest of the 'chain' can continue to be used. This avoids the 'conflict' which sometimes occurs when service personnel are told to wait their turn at the back of the queue, even though they are trying to do their job!

Stand-alone urinals are almost never used 'equally' so linking them together means the waste is evenly spread, whichever urinal is used the most.

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