Mini Tuff Tank as Truck Water Tank

Product Description

Utilise space effectively on your service vehicle with our slim, upright 725 litre water tank! 

If you need to carry extra water for your job it's time you switched to our robust, lightweight plastic water tank. Easy to install and not prone to unsightly rust, this slimline water tank allows you to carry an extra 725 litres (160 Gallons) of water. ​The tank is typically designed to fit behind the headboard of your truck (e.g. toilet cleaning truck, liquid waste tanker, window-cleaning service vehicle). Weighing in at just 45kgs when empty, this tank allows you to carry additional water with the option of a manual drain or a water pump and hose reel. Please note: this tank is NOT baffled, so you will experience liquid "surge" during cornering and braking.

For baffled tanks, please see our vertical, small-medium, above ground, tanks.

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400mm / 1'4"
1100mm / 3'8"
1870mm / 6'2"
45kgs / 99 lbs
725 Litres / 160 Gallons



  • Utilise space effectively on your service truck
  • Free up truck space for other uses
  • Full, wet weight at day's start, 770kgs (tank full)
  • Dry weight at day's end, 45kgs (tank empty)
  • Use with a simple drain valve for gravity fed water - available as upgrade option
  • Use with a pressure washer or water pump and a hose reel to deliver water under pressure - available as upgrade option
  • Adaptable, rust-free, hygienic - flexibility guaranteed
  • Position on your truck for an extra 160 Gallons of water at a weight addition of just 45kg


  • Extra water for topping up site welfare units
  • Extra water for topping up non-potable water tanks
  • Extra water for filling toilet sinks
  • Extra water for window-cleaning, wheelie-bin cleaning, bus shelter cleaning etc.
  • Extra water for carrying out a more intensive site clean (e.g. after toilet tip-overs)

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MTT coupled to pressure washerPressure washer kitMTT coupled to 1" pump and reelTank breather and filter1" water inlet and cap1" Manual drain valve assembly
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