Taking care of your plastic tank products and urinals

Our tank, portable toilet and urinal products are manufactured using medium density polyethylene (MDPE) and with carefully controlled wall thicknesses for robust durability suitable for the rough and tumble of construction and event industry applications. Like all items, MDPE can be damaged if mistreated or handled incorrectly. In order to ensure a long, happy and maintenance-free life for your products, we recommend adhering to the following basic guidelines.

Transport and Handling

  • Never move or lift a waste tank (Tuff Tank, Mini Tuff Tank or  Above Ground Storage Tank) or Pee Pod that contains any sewage/waste liquid. The lifting points we build into the product(s) are designed for use only when the product is 'dry' / empty. You should in any case be aware of legalities, restrictions and your obligations surrounding the movement of waste in anything other than equipment specifically designed for that purpose.
  • Never drop products from height.
  • Never push products with the shoe ends of a fork lift.
  • When lifting (empty) Tuff Tanks with the lifting handles you should make sure that all 4 handles are used. Similarly, use all the in-built lifting eyes of Above Ground Storage tanks (using suitable shackles and slings). The weight of the empty tank - when lifted - needs to be evenly distributed.
  • Before moving linked tanks make sure they are empty (see note above), remove the linking pipe(s) and move each tank individually.
  • The safest lifting methods are either crane / chain / slings or fork-lift. Fork-lift shoes should be long enough to support the whole underside width of a Tuff Tank (2.0m / 6'6").
  • Tuff Tanks can be moved by hand - we recommend four able bodied people.
  • We know that tanks - both plastic and metal - will be damaged at some point during their lifetime. Never fear, polyethylene tanks and urinals are readily repaired.


  • Products should be sited on a flat, level surface, free from debris. If the tank or urinal is propped up / levelled by bricks / blocks, please be aware that the increasing weight as the tank fills with sewage / waste / liquid may cause damage to the underside of the tank.
  • Tuff Tanks and Mini Tuff Tanks should NEVER be buried or have any weight stored on top of them. Site cabins should not rest on the tanks: they are not designed for that purpose. Taking suitable precautions and being aware of the location of holes and ribs, one may walk on the top of a Tuff Tank (not Mini Tuff Tank) but excessive weight over an extended period may cause the product to become misshaped.
  • Please Note: the Tuff Tank and Mini Tuff Tank are intended for ABOVE GROUND USE ONLY.


We stack our Tuff Tanks both flat (up to 5 units tall) and on end. Please see our Gallery for more details.