IBC - 1000 litre Water Cube - Reconditioned

Our 1000 litre Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) is the perfect solution to supply water to toilet blocks, site welfare units or showers, indeed, for any application where you can't easily access mains water. Equipped with an integral drain valve for a gravity feed, we also supply a range of fittings, hoses, manual and electric or petrol-powered pumps, the latter to deliver water under the same pressure you experience at home. An IBC can also be coupled with a pressure washer for cleaning applications where no mains water is available.
We typically supply reconditioned, black "bottle" IBCs that do not suffer from the internal build-up of algae common to IBCs manufactured from clear / translucent material. (We can also supply clear, white IBCs).

All our IBCs are supplied with 2" drain tap, 6" vented filler cap, protective metal cage mounted on a plastic, metal or wooden base. They are able to support 1650 KGs of weight: rated to stack two units high, filled with water, or 4 units high when empty (see Technical Data, below).

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1000 Litres / 220 Gallons
1160mm / 46"
1000mm / 39"
1200mm / 47"
Dry Weight
64kg / 141 lbs
Wet Weight (water)
1064kg / 2340 lbs
Stackable Height
Empty: 4 / Full: 2
  • Low weight, just 60-64kg dry weight
  • Black UV-protected container to minimise algae build-up due to UV-reaction
  • Standard,natural white container where UV exposure is low and/or algae build up is not relevant
  • Reinforced, tubular steel cage (galvanised)
  • Corner guards to protect inner container
  • Plastic, metal or wooden pallet with steel plate cover
  • Inbuilt 2" drain valve and vented, 6" filling cap
  • Range of couplings and hoses available
  • Reconditioned and tested to ISO 9002
  • Linkable, stackable and practical
  • Site welfare units and toilet blocks
  • Site showers and kitchen or catering facilities
  • Window-washing and wheelie bin-washing businesses
  • Cement-mixing
  • Pressure-washing / wash-down booths
1000 litre IBC - black bottle230v on-demand water pumpBoxed, on-demand water pumpIBC - drain valveIBC - 6" filler cap1" hose connectivity
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