FAQs - Tuff Tank Range

What is a Tuff Tank?

How are Tuff Tanks made?

Are Tuff Tanks available in different sizes?

Are Tuff Tanks portable?

Are Tuff Tanks durable?

Can Tuff Tanks be stacked?

What if you need more capacity?

Are Tuff Tanks available in different colours?

Can Tuff Tanks be moved when full?

Can Tuff Tanks be buried?

What liquids can you put in Tuff Tanks?

What accessories are available for Tuff Tanks?

How to recognise your Tuff Tank Capacity

How do I work out the age of my Tuff Tank

Why are there holes through the top of the tank?

What are the red caps for on the side of the tanks?

What is the small black cap on the tank's top surface used for?

Why is the bottom of the tank dimpled

Where do I find spares?

How do I connect the Tuff Tank to site accommodation?

How do I empty Tuff Tanks?

Tuff Tank Fun Fact