Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Tuff Tanks portable?

Yes, very much so. 2 people could easily lift and carry a Tuff Tank, although we advise 4 people for Health and Safety reasons. They can be loaded on a vehicle without the need for a crane or fork lift and can be easily shuffled about when on the floor, which helps when they are being connected to a toilet block / canteen / shower.

2. Are Tuff Tanks durable?

Absolutely. They will not corrode over time as steel tanks do. They are made from UV-protected polyethylene and - if treated and handled correctly - will have a much longer life span than steel tanks. Like steel tanks, Tuff Tanks can be damaged if dropped from height or "holed" by a fork-lift. Damage is readily reparable.

3. Are Tuff Tanks available in different sizes?

Tuff Tanks are available in 500 gallon Tuff Tank 3 and 160 gallon Mini Tuff Tank capacities. However, we have "designed in" the functionality to allow you to link tanks (of either variant) together meaning that you can increase capacity to suit your needs / application. The result is, you will not need to stock different sizes of tanks to meet the requirements of different customers / applications. See our product videos for more details. And don't forget, we also supply cylindrical Above Ground Storage Tanks.

4. Are Tuff Tanks available in different colours?

Absolutely. Although slate grey tends to be our major stock colour, a wide range of colours is available. It is simply a question of pigment. However, if you require Tuff Tanks that are not a stock or simple colour, you may have to wait to receive your order and there may be a modest, minimum order quantity. Please call to check!

5. Can Tuff Tanks be stacked?

Yes, but only when empty. To do otherwise will exceed the product's design parameters and your product warranty will become invalid.

A full Tuff Tank will top the scales at 2,380kgs. Hence, to stack several tanks on top of each other would exert overwhelming pressure on the lower tank(s). Furthermore, the waste would inevitably flow out from the ports on the lowest tank before being able to rise to fill the upper tank(s). Tuff Tanks simply aren't designed to operate in this way. Tuff Tanks can be stacked (empty) for transport and storage. Please check our photo gallery for examples.
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