Elsan® Tipping Point - Wide Version

Product Description

This wide, low-profile and lockable add-on is the ideal solution to allow the easy, spill-free disposal of chemiloo toilet waste into a suitable waste tank from a convenient height. Positioned on the tank inlet, it will be crystal clear to customers where they should tip their waste from camp, caravan and boat toilets; catering outlets and at municipal waste tips, avoiding all the normal uncertainty...and splashes! Waste control without any fuss.

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Height above tank
Width x Length
Drop Zone Diameter
Total Weight
Max lid opening angle
120mm / 4.72"
540mm x 600mm
21.25" x 23.62"
406mm / 16"
5.2 kgs / 11.4 Ibs
  • Includes expanding seal



  • Camping / glamping / caravan sites
  • Leisure boat marinas
  • Catering outlets in remote locations
  • Municipal waste tips: waste oil disposal etc.
  • Wherever there is no mains sewer connection and where waste needs to be safely tipped away with no spills


  • Convenient height with lockable lid and key
  • Bright yellow base stands out in low light conditions
  • Wide catchment area helps avoid splashes and spills
  • Lid is lockable, if required


  • Simply (unlock and) open the lid
  • Rest toilet waste tank on upper rim and tilt to empty
  • The central straight drop hole directs waste into the holding tank below (e.g. Tuff Tank or Mini Tuff Tank).
  • When done, close (and lock the lid)

NOTE: A simple calculation of the amount of waste generated per person per day when using Elsan® (or equivalent) cartridge toilets is 1.5 - 2 litres of fairly concentrated waste: a mixture of toilet "blue," water, urine, faecal matter and toilet tissue.

WARNING: The waste from chemical toilets should never be discharged into a septic tank or sewage treatment plant as the chemical components within toilet "blue" will destroy the natural biological processes within such tanks.


Elsan® Tipping PointElsan® Tipping PointElsan® Tipping PointElsan® Tipping PointElsan® Tipping PointElsan® Tipping Point
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