Portable Sanitation Products

Alongside the supply of plastic, no-mains portable toilets, we also act as a One-Stop-Shop for a comprehensive range of additional products. From portable urinals to hand-washing units; from toilet additives and cleaning products to service truck, pump and suction hose spares and from commode tanks to portable toilet movers and much more. If you can't find something you need, please call us and we'll call on all our experience to assist you.

Portable Toilets

Portable Toilet Sales
We are the official distributor in the UK & Republic of Ireland for the GLOBAL range of portable toilets. Available in a range of external colours and interior specifications.

Hot Wash Toilets

Portable Toilet Sales
This unit comes complete with an instantaneous 3kW water heater connected to a forearm-sized sink to supply warm running water - with full RCD/ MCB protection.

Pee Pod Urinals

Pee Pod Portable Urinals
The Pee Pod has been designed with end-user and event operator in mind. 4 urinal positions with privacy fins to left and right. Reduce toilet queue times at events. 

Pee Pack

Toilet Mover Trolley
The unisex Pocket WC / Pee Pack for men, women or kids. Always have a toilet handy. Each of us will need to wee at some point in the day... Time for the Pee Pack.

Commode Tanks

Plastic Commode Tanks for commercial use
A compact toilet commode for use where space is tight. In flush or non-flush versions, ideal for trailers, boats, high-rise construction sites and small site accommodation.

Hera 2 Person Sink

2 Person Plastic Sink for welfare units and events
A practical, two-person sink. Easy access to tanks enables the use of chlorine tablets to kill harmful bacteria, helping protect the user and the public from harm.

Hand Sanitiser Station

2 Person Plastic Sink for welfare units and events
Perfect for all areas where increased hand‐washing is essential, especially in the Covid‐era. Schools, universities, shops, factory floors, offices and more.

Duo 2 Person Sink

2 Person Plastic Sink for welfare units and events
A practical, stackable, 2- person sink, which helps to reduce event queuing times. Foot-operated pumps for optimal hygiene and 2 x soap dispensers as standard.

Pee-One Mobile Urinal

Toilet Mover Trolley
A wheeled, compact mobile urinal that is easy to carry and quick to set up anywhere you want. A great alternative in spots where it's difficult to have a portable toilet.

PED Washstation

Portable Toilet Spares
A flexible, plug and play washstation unit specifically designed for outdoor or indoor use at many locations and applications.

Sani-Tree Washstation

Toiblue Portable Toilet Additives
A mobile, hand sanitiser dispensing station with rubber wheels, which allow for convenient placement anywhere to provide extra hand sanitising facilities.

Toilet Mover

Toilet Mover Trolley
This toilet mover permits the easy movement of toilets on construction sites or at events. Its practical design will help to reduce fatigue and injuries among drivers.
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