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We all like useful and time saving accessories, right? Alongside our main product lines, we also offer spares, kits and upgrades to keep your purchases in tip-top working order and allow you to satisfy your particular expectations and applications. If you can't find something you need, please contact us and we'll call on all our experience to assist you. From a jubilee clip to a 50' suction hose; from an IBC spare to some liquid hand sanitiser, we'll be happy to help!
PLEASE NOTE: All products are subject to VAT (UK sales) and delivery charges. As standard, we also ship to the EU and much of mainland Europe. For other regions, please submit your request and we’ll prepare a full quotation including transport. Thank you.

Tuff Tank - post 2014
(3rd-4th Generation)

Tuff Tank Spares (3rd-4th Gen - Post 2014)Find out more

Tuff Tank - pre 2014
(1st-2nd Generation)

Tuff Tank Spares (1st-2nd Gen - Pre 2014)Find out more

Mini Tuff Tank Spares
(Waste Applications)

Mini Tuff Tank Spares (Waste Applications)Find out more

Below Ground Waste
Tank Spares

Below Ground Waste Tank SparesFind out more

Mini Tuff Tank Spares
(Water Applications)

Mini Tuff Tank Spares (Water Applications)Find out more

IBC Fittings
& Spares

IBC Fittings & SparesFind out more

Water Pumps
& Equipment

Water Pumps & EquipmentFind out more

Pipe & Hose

Pipe & Hose CouplingsFind out more

Flush Tank

Flush Tank SparesFind out more


Sink SparesFind out more

Service Truck /
Vacuum Spares

Service Truck / Vacuum SparesFind out more

Pee Pod Spares
& Accessories

Pee Pod Spares & AccessoriesFind out more

General Sanitation

General Sanitation AccessoriesFind out more

Suction Hoses
& Hose Clips

Suction Hoses & Hose ClipsFind out more

Toilet Tanks, Sinks
& Urinals

Toilet Tanks, Sinks & UrinalsFind out more

Dosing Pumps
& Dispensers

Dosing Pumps & DispensersFind out more
Chemiloo Additives & Sanitiser Range

50-100: Portable
Toilet Additive

Portable Toilet Blue | Toiblue 50-100Find out more

Cumberland Blue
Toilet Tank Additive

Cumberland Blue Toilet Tank AdditiveFind out more

Event Mix Toilet Blue
Toilet Tank Additive

Event Mix Toilet Blue - Toilet AdditiveFind out more

Recirc HD2 Clear
Waste Tank Cleaner

Waste Tank Cleaner - Recirc HD2 ClearFind out more

Research 50
Trailer Tank Additive

Trailer Toilet Tank Additive - Research 50Find out more


Event Toilet Additive Sachets (Dry)Find out more

Hand Sanitiser
Clear Gel (70%)

Hand Sanitiser - Clear Gel (70% alcohol)Find out more


Chlorine TabletsFind out more

Test Strips

Chlorine Test StripsFind out more

Air Freshener

Air Freshener Discs - fragrance boostersFind out more

Air Freshener
Disc Holder

Air Freshener Disc HolderFind out more

Odour Control

Odour Control LiquidFind out more

Tarsolve Tar &
Bitumen Remover

Tarsolve - Tar & Bitumen RemoverFind out more

Safeclean Surface
Cleaner & Degreaser

Safeclean - Grease & Grime RemoverFind out more

Scale Off
Descaler & Sanitiser

Scale Off - Descaler & SanitiserFind out more


Graffiti Remover - GelFind out more

Hand Sanitiser
Clear Liquid (70%)

Hand Sanitiser - Clear Liquid (70% alcohol)Find out more

Hand Sanitiser
Foam Soap

Foaming Hand SoapFind out more


Steriliser 1L

Water SteriliserFind out more

Hand Soap

Liquid Hand Soap - Anti-bactericidalFind out more
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