Odour Trap & Breather Kit

Product Description

Our Waste Tank Odour Trap & Breather Kit is a robust, two-way vent / air admittance valve designed to eliminate bad odours using an inbuilt, replaceable, carbon filter.

Specifically useful for outdoor drainage applications, its robust and compact design means that it can be installed in hard-to-reach places.

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Temperature Range
-20°C to +60°C
Cap & Base Diameter
130mm / 5.12" (cap). 110mm / 4.33" (base)
135mm / 5.3"
Projection above tank
90mm / 3.5" (when fitted)



  • Push-fit connection - no specialist installation required
  • Easy maintenance - replace carbon filter by removing the cap
  • Compact design projects just 90-100mm above most tanks
  • Can be retrofitted to troubleshoot odours in existing drainage / storage solutions
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures (-20°C to +60°C).
  • Can be used horizontally or vertically, depending on the application


  • Working example:
    As you flush a toilet cistern (4-6 litres) and the contents of the toilet run into a waste tank (e.g. one of our "Tuff Tanks", cesspool tank or septic tank), you need to allow 4-6 litres of displaced air to escape: the whole system needs to breathe, otherwise you'll be trying to inflate the waste receiver like a balloon if there are no outlets for the air to escape.
  • By definition, this air is in contact with toilet waste, so it may smell. In sensitive areas, you may want to avoid malodour.
  • The device is an air admittance valve with an integral carbon filter: the same device is used to block smells from septic tanks.
    As your expelled air leaves the tank it is forced through the inbuilt carbon filter inside the valve. The filter’s job is to dry the air: it’s the moisture in the air which holds the odour.
  • Over time, and much like the air filter in your car's engine, you will need to replace the filter as it has a limited lifespan: the more work it has to do, the sooner it will need replacing. This may be only once every two years, and replacements filters are inexpensive.
  • In standard use, when connected to a mains flushing toilet unit, you may find that 95% of the liquid volume in the tank is water from the cistern: the remaining 5% is urine, faecal matter (solids) and tissue paper.
  • Solid matter tends to waterlog quite quickly and sinks to the bottom of the tank where it breaks down into a slurry, over time.
    As such, as this waste is not being agitated and as most faecal matter is under water, the tank may not smell badly at all.
  • However, if the tank is not emptied for long periods and/or just after the tank has been emptied (when you will find that not all waste remnants can be removed from inside the tank) you may experience malodour: time for the odour trap.
  • If you have a particularly sensitive site you might also opt to use our HD2 Recirc liquid additive. This is a perfumed liquid additive, which works to kill the bacteria, the latter being the cause of the malodour. You can use HD2 Recirc on an ongoing basis or on a yearly “spring clean” type cleaning schedule.


  • Replacement filter / cartridge. SKU: TANK-CARBON-FILTER-02


e.g. for our Tuff Tanks and Mini Tuff Tanks...and many other tanks where waste is captured - e.g. septic tank, sewage treatment plant

  • Remove 5" lid and collar from tank (and retain self-tapping screws)
  • Fit (brown) universal collar to the exposed 5" hole using retained self-tapping screws
  • Push odour trap into universal collar
  • Replace filter every 24 months, as a minimum (this depends on usage / amount of moist air evacuated through the valve)


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