Plastic Waste Tanks

With tank sizes from 160 to 6600 gallons (725 to 30,000 litres) and from flat versions to cylindrical-shaped variants for above ground, below ground and for truck-mounted use, we are a market-leading supplier of plastic, effluent tanks for clients in the construction, sanitation, event and camping industries, indeed, anywhere where you need to store or capture liquids. Many variants are linkable to allow you to design the perfect holding capacity.

Tuff Tank
- Above Ground

Plastic Effluent Tank
500/750/1000 gallon flat, effluent tank for construction sites; events; campsites; waste tipping points or wherever there is no mains sewer connection.

Mini Tuff Tank
- Above Ground

Mini Tuff Tank Effluent Holding Tank
160 gallon / 725 litre flat, effluent tank for use in situations where space is tight: under single mains toilets, small toilet blocks . Easily carried by two people.

Above Ground
Vertical Tanks

Below Ground Effluent Tanks
With capacities from 2,500 litres to 30,000 litres and the ability to link tanks together, you can easily create exactly the storage volumes you require.

Horizontal Liquid Transport Tanks

Effluent Tank Level Monitoring System
From 5,000 to 10,000 litres, applications include storage of toilet waste, emergency back-up drinking water supply & temporary water for festivals.

Small - Medium

Below Ground Effluent Tanks
With tank sizes ranging from 400 litres (88 gallons) to 1000 litres (220 gallons) our small-to-medium, above ground tanks are available in a variety of shapes.

Underground Tanks

Below Ground Effluent Tanks
Store potable, fresh, rain and surface water through to toilet, Elsan® and cesspool waste.
Sizes from 280 to 10,000 litres in underground applications.

Elsan® Tipping Point

Effluent Tank Level Monitoring System
Toilet waste tipping... made easy. This purpose built add-on is the ideal solution to promote the easy, spill-free disposal of toilet waste into a suitable tank.

Waste High Level Alarm

Effluent Tank Level Monitoring System
A cost-effective way of remotely monitoring waste levels in effluent tanks without having to carry out a visual check by opening the hatches.
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