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Product Description

These compact toilet systems / commode tanks in flush and non-flush versions are designed for a multitude of applications where space, accessibility, practicality, dignity and/or mobility are issues. 

Ideal for domestic use; camping and caravaning: boats: site welfare cabins: high-rise construction sites etc. Available as a simple 'drop' tank or as a recirculating flush tank with on-board 'drain' valve. Watch our video for further details.

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Dry Weight
610mm (non-flush)
552mm (flush)
560mm (non-flush)
580mm (flush)
560mm (non-flush)
620mm (flush)
10kgs (non-flush)
15kgs (flush)
33 Gallons / 150 Litres (non-flush) 10 gallons / 45 Litres (flush)


Technical Advantages

  • 33 Gallons / 150 Litres capacity (non-flush) - 10 Gallons / 45 Litres working capacity (flush version)
  • Flat-bottomed tank with positioning handles left and right (Flush tank includes drain valve)


  • Before use, the non-flush tank will require a 10 Litres pre-charge with water and an appropriate dose of sanitary additive to ensure waste coverage
  • The flush version will require 'coverage' of the filter only as a minimum
  • For post-use movement calculation, allow 1kg in weight for every 1 Litre of waste

Product Video

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