Plastic Water Tanks

Offering water carrying and collecting solutions, Plastic Solutions (Aldridge) Limited is the market-leading supplier of plastic tanks in varying capacities for a wide range of applications from the portable sanitation, window-cleaning and wheelie-bin cleaning industries, to domestic rainwater harvesting solutions.

Truck Water Tank

160 gallon Truck Water Tank for  waste service vehicles
This vertically-mounted 160 gallon / 725 litre tank offers extra water capacity for many applications and industries. Flexible configuration allows use with a manual drain or a water pump and hose reel.
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IBC 1,000 litre Tank

IBC 1000 gallon water tank
A compact solution, 1,000 litre IBC tanks are perfect for supplying water to toilet blocks, welfare units or showers. Equipped with integral drain valve with optional pump variants.
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Saddle Tank

Saddle Tank
Utilise wasted space on your service vehicle! If you need extra water for your job it's time you added our 77 gallon plastic Saddle Tank. Use with a manual drain valve or pump and hose reel.
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Rainwater Tank

Rainwater Tanks
When fitted with a rainwater diverter kit, and mounted tightly against a wall or shed to capture rainwater, these tanks can be equipped with a manual drain valve and/or an electric pump and hose reel.
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Vertical Tanks

Below Ground Effluent Tanks
With capacities from 2,500 litres to 30,000 litres and the ability to link tanks together, you can easily create exactly the storage volumes you require. WRAS-approved.
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Horizontal Tanks

Effluent Tank Level Monitoring System
From 5, 000 to 13,000 litres, applications include storage of toilet waste, emergency back-up drinking water supply & temporary water for festivals. WRAS-approved.
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Water Pumps

Buy Online. Water Pumps for IBC Water Tanks
Whatever your application, if you need to pump water from A to B on site, at an event, on a truck or at home, we have a range of pumps and pressure washers to suit.
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