Mini Tuff Tank - Slim Rainwater Harvesting - 160 Gallons

Product Description

Harvest rainwater for your garden with our slim, upright, wall-mounted 725 litre water tank! 

Collect, store and pump rainwater to the point of use in the garden or driveway. Weighing in at just 45KGs when empty, this lightweight tank comes with the options of a manual drain or a 230v water pump and hose reel. Position next to your down-pipe, connect the rainwater diverter kit and you're ready to water the garden and wash the car.

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400mm / 1'4"
1100mm / 3'8"
1870mm / 6'2"
45kgs / 99 lbs
725 Litres / 160 Gallons



  • Utilise space effectively against a wall or shed
  • Brass connection points
  • Full, wet weight 770kgs (tank full)
  • Dry weight 45kgs (tank empty)
  • Use with a simple drain valve for gravity fed water - available as upgrade option
  • Use with a water pump and a hose reel to deliver water under pressure  - available as upgrade option
  • Adaptable, rust-free, hygienic - flexibility guaranteed
  • Available in a range of colours


  • Above ground, rainwater harvesting tank
  • Suits small to medium sized gardens
  • Rainwater downpipe Diverter Kit
  • Manual tap / drain
  • Hozelock water pump, Hose Reel and Trigger Spray for on demand water up to 60 feet away

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MTT and hose reelMTT + rainwater kit, pump and reelRainwater harvesting kit
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