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If you need to capture, store or transport effluent, waste water and non-potable water then Plastic Solutions has a product for you.

Our specialist plastic storage tanks, portable toilets and urinals, and our wide range of spares and accessories are being used by domestic and international customers. You’ll find our products on construction sites, at waste carriers' yards, on vacuum tankers, at festivals, on campsites (and glampsites), in gardens (for parties): wherever you need to capture or store liquids, you'll find our products..

You’ll probably know us best for our Tuff Tank 500-gallon effluent tank. We have sold over 8000 Tuff Tanks over the years. That means on any given day there is as much as 4 million gallons of waste stored in our Tuff Tanks - that’s the equivalent of 8 Olympic sized swimming pools full of effluent. Now there’s a thought!

“We’ve been steadily replacing our steel tanks with Tuff Tanks over the last three years. The product is tough, robust and much easier to handle, all backed up by speedy availability and good customer service.”

Graham Pollard - Director, CW Plant

The company was started in 2010 in shared premises but now owns its own property and is responsible for the employment of a whole host of sales, technical and production staff across several sites.

We are a small, lean team, punching well above our weight by using technology in a smart manner. Our customer service and sales team are on hand 9-5 weekdays to assist.

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The company was started in 2010 to bring our renowned, 500-gallon Tuff Tank to market.

The company’s founders - with years of experience in portable sanitation - were well-acquainted with the difficulties of using steel tanks to capture and store waste. Steel tanks are heavy and awkward to transport; difficult and expensive to manoeuvre from site to site; and prone to rust - making them unsightly and giving them a short operational lifespan. There needed to be a better way.

Instead of trying to take a metal tank and simply 'tweak it', the team took a much bolder approach. We designed and built our own innovative alternative…in plastic. The resulting "Tuff Tank" didn’t take long to become a hit with the construction and event industries.

In early 2019 we launched the fourth generation "Tuff Tank" - available in 500, 750 and 1000-gallon variants: evolution is the real winner. In early 2021, owing to the extreme product demands of the "Covid-era" we increased production capacity again by laying down additional 5th generation tooling. It wasn't easy with the supply chain pressures, but in some weeks we were producing 100 Tuff Tanks...and they all found homes.


The market knowledge that underpinned the development of the Tuff Tank and our desire to find ways to help the portable sanitation industry work more effectively, have remained key aspects of our business.

In early 2019 and 2021 the 4th and 5th generations of the Tuff Tank were launched: with extra features and volume options, the Tuff Tank remains the class-leading product of its type.

Lead by customer demand, our overall range has expanded dramatically to include our waste tank range, our water tank range, tank accessories, portable toilet industry products and the renowned Pee Pack, the latter being a firm favourite with drivers, festival goers and parents alike. We also partner with some innovative companies such as Lapee, the manufacturer of a urinal for ladies.

The complete range is extensive...and is expanding all the time.

Our sister company www.glampsan.com has also developed exponentially and offers a range of products for the glamping sector: from composting toilets, to sewage lifting stations, through to sewage treatment plants.


The next step was to make sure we could meet the needs of customers during the entire product usage lifecycle.

We've identified that many people are finding it difficult to get fast turnaround on a range of spare parts for flush tanks, vacuum tankers and cleaning equipment. The nature of the toilet business is that you're busy all day long...and by the time you get around to ordering your spares, everyone's gone home, but you!

By adding many new parts to the existing spares inventory of home-grown products, and our range of accessories (such as Toiblue additives), Plastic Solutions has also become an industry one stop shop for portable toilet spares, service truck spares, hoses and Whale pumps.


Why not talk to us today? Call 0800 334 5742 or use our contact form.

Plastic Solutions has rapidly outgrowing its first home and we moved into new offices and yard space in mid-2018. This gave us the opportunity to increase our stock and to add new products to the inventory. At the same time we expanded our team to provide even more dedicated customer support to answer your queries and get those orders despatched.

We are open to suggestions about new products or improvements to our processes that will make your life easier.