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Plastic Solutions has a product for you if you need to capture, store or transport effluent, waste water, potable and non-potable water.

We are also heavily involved in the portable sanitation industry with our range of portable toilets, portable urinals and sinks – all backed up by a comprehensive spares webshop. Our products and services are used by domestic and international customers. You’ll find our products on construction sites, at waste carriers' yards, on vacuum tankers, at festivals, on campsites (and glampsites), in gardens (for parties): wherever you need tocapture or store liquids, you'll find our products.

You’ll probably know us best for our Tuff Tank 500-gallon effluent tank and we have sold over 9000 Tuff Tanks over the years. That means on any given day there is as much as 4 million gallons ofwaste stored in our Tuff Tanks - that’s the equivalent of 8 Olympic sized swimming pools full of effluent. Now there’s an enticing thought!

“We’ve been steadily replacing our steel tanks with Tuff Tanks over the last three years. The product is tough, robust and much easier to handle, all backed up by speedy availability and good customer service.”

Graham Pollard - Director, CW Plant

Plastic Solutions was started in 2010, initially sharing premises and yard space with a sister company but has owned its own site since 2018.

We started by bringing our renowned, 500-gallon waste tank to market. The resulting "Tuff Tank" didn’t take long to become a hit with the construction and event industries.

Such has been the success of the Tuff Tank that we have worn out several batches of production tooling. Every time we have renewed tooling, we have introduced product improvements, always based on a combination of customer feedback and our own ideas.

Having previously worked as an advisor to the owners, in early March 2014 Jon Trelfa joined the company as General Manager, inheriting just three main products. Since then we have built a range in excess of a thousand products to satisfy the demands of many industries including the camping, caravanning, tenting and leisure industry for which we developed our sister division Glampsan with its own website offering on www.glampsan.com.  


Plastic Solutions is responsible for the employment of a whole host of sales, technical and production staff across several sites.

Behind the scenes, we pride ourselves on our customer service and in going the extra mile to help customers whatever their requirement.

Although we are a small, lean team, we punch well above our weight by using technology in a smart manner. Boasting in excess of 50 years in the waste industry across our core staff, we use our combined deep industry and application knowledge to offer customers the best solution, not just any old solution.

For those people with whom you’ll have most contact on a day-by-day basis, our customer service and sales team is on hand 9-5 weekdays to assist…although we let them clock out at 4pm on Fridays.

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One of our key steps in this digital age - when there never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done -was the development of our online shop.

We identified that many customers find it difficult to find a reliable source and speedy turnaround on a range of spare parts for flush tanks, vacuum tankers and cleaning equipment. The nature of the toilet business is that you're busy all day long...and by the time you get around to ordering your spares, everyone's gone home, but you!

The Plastic Solutions webshop has also become an industry one stop solution for portable toilet spares, service truck spares, hoses, Whale pumps and so much more.


Why not talk to us today? Call 0800 334 5742 or use our contact forms.

The market knowledge that underpinned the development of our first product - the Tuff Tank - and our desire to find ways to help the portable sanitation industry work more effectively, have remained key aspects of our business.

We are always open to suggestions about new products or improvements to our processes that will make your life easier.

We’re here to help. Each major product page has a specific form to allow you to request product information and/or a quotation and/or a call back, for example.