Help reduce your company's carbon footprint

Another great feature of the Plastic Waste Tank range is that they have much less of an environmental impact than their steel counterparts due to the manufacturing process and the manner in which they impact on the environment during their use. A study by a leading plastic company has shown that production of a tonne of polyethylene creates 1700 kgs of carbon emissions whilst manufacturing a tonne of steel creates 1750 kgs.

Ok, so a 50 kgs reduction may only seem like a small benefit but when you consider that a Tuff Tank weighs just 110 kgs and a steel tank may top the scales at 420 kgs, you can see that there is a major benefit.

Our Pee Pod Urinals also weigh in with key environmental benefits as they can be stacked 5 units high meaning that 20 urinal 'spaces' are shipped in the same footprint that other manufacturers require to ship just 4 'spaces'.

The environmental impact is further lessened during the life of the lighter, plastic tank as the fuel used during transport will be less. It's a win-win situation for you and the environment: you use less fuel and the environment and your pocket are the beneficiaries.

So, if you're a company looking to lead the way in helping protect the environment, our Tuff Tanks and Pee Pods are a great way to help.