In line with Covid-19 government guidance, hand sanitiser stations, and hand washing facilities are recommended and have become more widely available for outdoor or indoor use outside supermarkets; on construction sites; at business premises and shops; factories; fuel stations; golf and sports clubs; farmyards; markets; community centres; crèches; schools and many other locations and applications.

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Covid-19 Awareness

Covid-19 has made us all aware of the vital importance of washing our hands. Hands are very often the source of transmission of germs after contact with contaminated surfaces or people: and now we are all acutely aware of how often we’ve been subconsciously touching our own faces with (unwashed) hands, inadvertently introducing germs and viruses into our bodies.

Government guidance has been steadily adapting during the Covid-19 pandemic. Starting with the directive to stay at home where possible and to avoid contact with others, as the lockdown has eased we have all become used to seeing people wearing face coverings and gloves, whilst social distancing and the maintaining of a 2 metre gap have become the norm.

Sink Range

Whilst we have provided sinks, dispensers and hand sanitising fluids for many years, we have also been adding new products to the range in response to Covid-19 crisis..

Sanitising stands and dispensers for soap, hand sanitiser and towels.

The "Sani-Tree" mobile hand sanitising unit allows you to provide a sanitising station exactly where you want it. You can fit the dispenser of your choice to the Sani-Tree. We also provide soap and hand sanitiser dispensers, 70% anti-bacterial gel and hand towel dispensers.

Single Sink Units

Single sink units like our HSE and Ekko units are typically used inside plastic, mains-free portable toilets, but they are now being used elsewhere as extra hand washing solutions. They simply need to be fastened back against a wall or partition for stability.

Whereas they would normally be primed and refilled by a toilet rental company in their “usual” portable toilet environment, alternative solutions are easily arranged.


These small sinks are not connected to a mains water feed: fresh water is filled into the pedestal before the sink can be used. Pressing the hygienic, floor-mounted pump with your foot dispenses 85ml of water through the tap and into the sink bowl. The grey, soapy water drains away via an external pipe and, under normal circumstances, this grey water would be channelled into the portable toilet tank. However, alternative solutions to capture the grey water may be possible, including a water canister or a simple bucket. Once the fresh water supply is exhausted, the sink will need to be replenished with fresh water: 45 litres for the HSE sink and 42 litres for the Ekko sink.

The pipework and fresh water tank inside the sink pedestal can be sanitised by using a suitable water steriliser, also available from Plastic Solutions.

Mains-connected, hot and cold Washstations

The PED Washstation is a portable, plug and play washstation unit specifically designed for outdoor or indoor use on construction sites; commercial premises; factories; fuel stations; golf and sports clubs; farmyards; markets; community centres; creches; schools and many other locations and applications.


It uses mains water and is available in four main versions. You will need mains water and you can specify it as a hot or cold wash unit: if you can’t site it next to a suitable drain, you can specify it to include a pump so that the grey water is pumped away through suitable pipework. It includes an elbow-operated tap and soap and paper towel dispensers.

The hot wash version includes a 10L 2000W water heater c/w 6 bar pressure safety valve and an adjustable thermostatic valve for differing water temperatures. As ever when mixing water and electricity, this unit should be commissioned by a registered electrician.

The PED Washstation is the perfect solution to encourage your staff, family, team members, customers or clients to wash their hands - indoors or outdoors - as we continue to practice hand hygiene in the battle against the spread of COVID-19.

Free-standing Washstations

Twin-user washstation sink units like our HERA 2, HERA 3 and DUO units are free-standing, standalone sinks designed for use by two people at any one time. With no connection to mains water, they feature inbuilt clean and grey water tanks.

These sinks have a wide footprint and can be positioned in a variety of “off-grid” locations, so that users can wash their hands whenever and wherever the need arises. Inside the main outer body of the sink we house two tanks.


Fresh water is filled into the first of these tanks and, as users wash their hands by pressing either of the floor mounted pumps with their foot, 85ml of fresh water is dispensed through the taps and into the bowl. The soapy water is channelled into the second "grey water" tank within the sink body.

There are 180 litres of fresh water in the DUO, 103 litres in the HERA 3 and 75 litres in the HERA 2. The DUO comes with 2 x soap dispensers as standard: for a nominal upgrade cost, dispensers can be added to the HERA 2 and HERA 3 units. Whereas these large wash stations would normally be primed and refilled by a portable toilet rental company in their “usual” portable toilet environment, alternative solutions are easily arranged. Other options may be available including using an electric submersible pump or a petrol-powered water pump to pump in fresh and /or pump out waste water.

The pipework and fresh water tanks inside these sinks can be sanitised by using a suitable water steriliser, also available from Plastic Solutions.

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