WC-Connector Kit

Product Description

The WC-Connector Kit allows you to easily connect the 4" waste pipe from your toilet unit / block to your waste tank. This kit is made up from two components
(1) a tank-mounted collar (affixed to the tank with self-tapping screws) and
(2) a push fit, flexible, extended, corrugated connector, which makes the join between tank and toilet unit / block.

For ease of installation, the connector bends and adjusts from
170-410mm and will make a seal on pipework from 97-107mm in diameter.

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Adjustable Length
Outer Diameter
Sealed Inlet Diameter
Total Weight
170mm - 410mm
97mm - 107mm
0.75 kgs
  • Includes internal seal



  • Camping / glamping / caravan sites: connecting all manner of toilet facilities to waste tanks
  • Construction sites: connecting toilet blocks to waste tanks
  • Toilet pan to 4" waste pipes
  • NOTE: when using this WC-Connector Kit, which in effects makes a "seal" into the waste tank, it is advisable to also use an air admittance valve on the tank. The latter allows the tank to breathe / equalise. i.e. as 4-6 litres of waste enters the tank, you will need to allow 4-6 litres of air escape.


  • Adjustable length and bend to allow simple connection between toilet unit and tank in most applications
  • Complete with expanding seal to allow secure fitting to tank
  • No build-up of sediment
  • Closed length 170mm. Extended length 410mm.
  • Made from polypropylene
  • Conforms to DIN 1389:2000-05


  • Attach brown "tank collar" to receiver tank - a suitable 4" diameter hole may be drilled, or use one of the Tuff Tank's 5" inlet caps.
  • Position waste pipe from toilet block over / adjacent to waste tank (e.g.) "Tuff  Tank."
  • Connect flexible tank connector between toilet block and tank.


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