PED Washstation

Product Description

The PED Washstation is a flexible, plug and play washstation unit specifically designed for outdoor or indoor use on construction sites; commercial premises; factories; fuel stations; golf and sports clubs; farmyards; markets; community centres; creches; schools and many other locations and applications.

Available in four main configurations, the PED Washstation is the perfect solution to encourage your staff, family,  customers or clients to wash their hands - indoors or outdoors - as we practice increased hand hygiene in the battle against the spread of Covid-19



Cold Water Options

Hot Water Options


Dry Weight
Fresh Water
Waste Water
510mm (cold)
860mm (hot)
Sink 24 Kgs /
Heatstation 18 KGs
Mains water
feed only
210 litre holding tank or drain to mains



  • Available in 4 main versions
  • (1) cold water unit where "grey water" runs under gravity to a nearby drain
  • (2) cold water unit with an inbuilt pump where grey water is pumped to a drain (requires electrical connection)
  • (3) hot water unit where "grey water" runs under gravity to a nearby drain (requires electrical connection)
  • (4) hot water unit where "grey water" is pumped to a drain (requires electrical connection)
  • Mains-water fed - ½" inlet connection size (John Guest / push fit fitting)
  • Non-corrosive, durable holding tank manufactured from MDPE (medium-density polyethylene)
  • Elbow push tap to minimise hand contact - with auto shut off to minimise water usage
  • 1" Outlet - Tank drain-off fitting to run "grey water" away
  • Soap and paper towel dispensers (Dolphin brand)
  • Hot wash versions include: 10 Litre, 230v, 2000W, 50hZ IP24, self-contained CE, water heater c/w 6 bar pressure safety valve and adjustable thermostatic valve between 27° - 70°C
  • Typical "grey water" pump performance = ca. 30 litres / minute up to 50m distance on the flat


  • Waste bin for paper towel waste
  • Soap and paper towel refills


  • Commercial properties, shops and supermarkets: add another level of hygiene by encouraging staff and customers to wash their hands before entering the building
  • Construction sites: implement best hygiene practice on construction sites
  • Factories, warehouses and supermarkets: where entrances to on site washrooms are narrow, encourage social distancing with strategically positioned washstations
  • Schools, nurseries and crèches: encourage extra handwashing and educate children from an early age about the importance of keeping their hands clean
  • Fairs, fetes, festivals and outdoor events: for those events which can take place, washstations will aid safety and compliance with regular handwashing guidance
  • Sporting venues: add washstations to aid hygiene and safety where standard washroom facilities will not allow easy social distancing
  • Campsites and glamping venues: where on site washing facilities will not allow safe social distancing
  • Churches, care homes and community centres: use of a washstation - where we are allowed to congregate in large numbers - can help to keep the spread of COVID-19 at bay
  • Zoos and animal petting farms: of particular importance even before Covid-19, washstations encourage good hand hygiene after contact with animals
  • At home: a washstation outside the back or front door at home can remind family, friends & visitors of the importance of hand hygiene
  • Farming and fruit picking: to encourage hand hygiene of those who pick and prepare our food

Key Benefits & Notes

  • Add another level of hygiene by encouraging staff and customers to wash their hands before entering the building
  • Water pressure to tap will vary depending on your site conditions: whether you have a gravity supply (low pressure) or a pressurised supply.
  • Power Supply: 230 volt
  • Protection required: 16 Amp 30 MA RCD (Residual Current Device)
  • Mains Power Cable: 2m x 1mm2 3 core


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