Urinals Overview

Portable urinals are available in a variety of sizes, for single and multiple users

Our disposable and unisex Pee Pack urinal pouch comes in a blister pack to fit inside a handbag, rucksack or the car's glove compartment: something which may be especially useful for those "caught short" situations.

The single user Pee One unit is equally at home or as a spare resource in a care home at a high-rise construction project where it can be positioned to grant workers close access to toilet facilities.

The 4-user Pee Pods are an asset at medium to large events where they will reduce toilet queues overall: if men can use strategically-positioned urinals they won't be standing in line to use the standard portable toilets leaving them free for those who need the privacy of an enclosed toilet unit.

Urinal Range

Whilst Plastic Solutions has provided sinks, urinals, dispensers and hand sanitising fluids for many years, we regularly research, adapt and add new products to the range.

Pee One Mobile Urinal

A wheeled, compact mobile urinal that is easy to carry and quick to set up anywhere you want. In those spots where it's difficult to have a portable toilet, the Pee-One Mobile Urinal is a great alternative.
Use the Pee One on high-rose construction sites, at care homes for emergency use and/or at large events in order to reduce queues for toilets.


Wheeled urinal for limited access areas such as high rise buildings / stag parties etc. Also used as an emergency / temporary facility in care homes. Can be cleaned by a portable toilet company or emptied into a foul sewer.

11 gallon / 50 litre capacity. At an average of 0.22 litres per visit, this equates to 227 uses before the Pee One will need to be emptied.

4 Man Pee Pod

Pee Pods are free-standing, square-shaped urinals, which enable simultaneous use by four (male) users and are ideal for use at outdoor events where they will help to reduce toilet queues...freeing up the availability of standard toilets for those who need the extra privacy.

As most single portable toilet units supplied to events across the UK are designed for unisex use and feature a hand wash basin rather than a urinal, deployment of Pee Pods at strategic points around the event site reduces queues for portable toilets and will help keep the latter cleaner, for longer.


This lightweight (30 Kgs) urinal features a stackable design for storage and transport. Once on site it can be easily positioned at strategic points, often screened off behind a row of portable toilets, for example.

At large capacity events, Pee Pods can be linked together so that the urine level is evened out across several units, and so that single units don't overfill. Pee Pods can also be attached to a Tuff Tank to take excess urine.

The Pee Pod can be fitted with a central hand sanitising station with 4 anti-bac liquid dispensers for users to sanitise their hands once their "visit" is complete.

Helios Sink Urinal

The Helios unit is an innovative sink and urinal combo unit that maximises functionality and hygiene in portable toilets, making it perfect for construction sites and outdoor events. Its urinal section minimises unwanted toilet seat splashes. The sink pedestal holds 36 litres of fresh water, and after handwashing the waste water is directed through the urinal and into the portable toilet's tank, effectively functioning as a flushing urinal. Typically used in self-contained portable toilets, this design conserves water and ensures cleanliness and hygiene in portable toilets.


Used in the same position as a standard sink but with an added urinal to promote better "aim" and minimise toilet seat splashing.

The pedestal holds 36 litres of fresh water: after washing your hands the grey water drains through the urinal bowl into the portable toilet waste tank.

Pee Pack Disposable Urinal

The Pee Pack is for men, women and kids: you'll always have a toilet handy. We all need to wee at some point in the day. But what if there are no public loos? - and that's more and more the case, whether you're in the car, in town or out in the countryside with the family. Time for the Pee Pack. Small, light, handy and ultra-practical. Easily fits in your handbag, work bag, rucksack, glove-box etc.


Leak-proof and hygienic, the Pee Pack comes in a 17 x 11.5 cm flat blister pack weighing just 55g, which consists of a plastic pouch, a foldable funnel for female users, a cleansing wipe and user instructions.

Up to 750ml (1½ pints) of urine are bound in a few seconds by the super-absorber crystals within the plastic pouch into an odour-resistant, leak-proof gel. Once 'business' is finished, the pouch (and foldable funnel) can be sealed and disposed of in a household waste bin

Reduce dependence on finding (increasingly scarce) public toilets. Caught in a traffic jam and the kids need a wee? No problem. Simple hygienic use and disposal.

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