Pee Pack - Unisex Disposable Urinal

Product Description

The Pee Pack is for men, women and kids. You'll always have a toilet handy. We all need to wee at some point in the day. But what if there are no public loos? - and that's more and more the case, whether you're in the car, in town or out in the countryside with the family. Time for the Pee Pack. Small, light, handy and ultra-practical. Easily fits in your handbag, work bag, rucksack, glove-box etc.



(£3.60 inc. VAT)



  • Traffic jams / breakdowns
  • Family days out - kids in the car
  • Camping/Glamping - not having to run to the toilet block in the middle of the night
  • Golfers - 10th tee 'occasions'
  • Shift workers who can't readily leave their working station - e.g. crane drivers, lorry drivers
  • Care industry - avoid bed pans and urinal bottles with a disposable solution
  • Sporting types: sailing, hot-air ballooning, jogging, orienteering, hiking, camping, pilots
  • Large outdoor music festivals, carnivals and events - queues and unhygienic loos - it happens
  • Guaranteed solution for wheelchair users - freedom to get out and about
  • Emergency services - chances are, there are no public loos at the scene of the accident / fire


  • Leak-proof and hygienic, the Pee Pack comes in a 17 x 11.5 cm flat blister pack weighing just 55g, which consists of a plastic pouch, a foldable funnel for female users, a cleansing wipe and user instructions
  • Up to 750ml (1½ pints) of urine are bound in a few seconds by the super-absorber crystals within the plastic pouch into an odour-resistant, leak-proof gel. Once 'business' is finished, the pouch (and foldable funnel) can be sealed and disposed of in a household waste bin


  • Reduce dependence on finding (increasingly scarce) public toilets
  • Emergency solution
  • Product fits in pocket / work bag
  • Enhanced safety in precarious situations


  • Cost-effective alternative to mobile toilets
  • Hygienic, single use
  • Simple disposal in waste bin
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