Pee Pod - Event Urinal for 4 Users

The Pee Pod is a free-standing urinal which enables use by four men simultaneously. Pee Pods are ideal for use at outdoor events where they will help to reduce toilet queues.

As most single portable toilet units supplied to events across the UK are designed for unisex use and feature a hand wash basin rather than a urinal, deployment of Pee Pods at strategic points around the event site reduces queues for portable toilets and will help keep them [the toilets] cleaner for longer.

There will be far less of the toilet seat "up or down" problem common to unisex toilets.

Get in touch to find out how the Pee Pod 4-user urinal will help you reduce toilet queues and increase customer satisfaction at events. You can do all this by completing the form below. The form gives you options to request product details, request a quote or request a call back to discuss your options.


1120mm / 44"
1320mm / 52"
1320mm / 52"
45kgs / 99lbs
550 Litres* / 120 gallons
  • *At an average 0.22 litres (0.38 pints) per "visit" - equates to 2500 "visits".



  • Lightweight urinal - allows for easy manual handling and speedy setting-up
  • Large 550 litre (120 UK gallons) holding capacity - easy linkable to enable greater volumes
  • Cuts down queuing time for toilets; promotes cleaner toilets
  • Ergonomic design - enhances privacy for users
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Top half can be removed completely to allow access for cleaning
  • Four urinal positions per pod
  • OPTION: Hand sanitiser pole with 4 x liquid hand sanitiser dispensers
  • NOTE: Our standard hand sanitisers are designed for use with hand sanitiser "liquid" (not gel or foam). Please consult us for other options
  • OPTION: Privacy Cover



The Pee Pod's innovative, two piece construction allows the top and bottom sections to nest inside each other making for easy storage and transport of up to 5 units in the same footprint. Inside 'curtain-sider' trucks we have loaded base units 10 high and tops 20 high for really efficient use of space and excellent cost saving.


An inbuilt 'link-ability' option also allows chains of urinals to be connected so that the waste is equally distributed between them and you will not suffer from the overuse of one unit. Waste removal can take place (from one of the urinals) while the rest remain accessible for use.


Pee Pod in actionPee Pod - dark granitePee Pod with hand sanitiser pole4 Unit Hand Sanitising PoleLinked Pee Pods even out levelsDraining urine to a Tuff Tank extends capacity and usage timeLink Pipe between Pee Pods, 2mPee Pod standalonePee Pod stacked 5 high for storage and transportPee Pod interior, 550 litres capacityPee Pod in dark grey graniteSetting up Pee Pods for use


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