IBC Hand Pump c/w Bottom Outlet Hose

Product Description

This kit is a handy addition to the standard IBC Hand Pump for mounting onto an IBC and dispensing liquid contents. Typical liquids might include Adblue® or water.

Whereas the standard IBC Hand Pump runs pipework into the IBC through the top surface, the kit allows you to connect pipework to the external valve at the base of the IBC. This will give the operator more flexibility to use one pump which can be quickly attached to any IBC.

This kit comes complete with a suction connection to the external drain valve at the IBC base

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Delivery Box Dimensions
Max Flow Rate (per stroke)
66 x 33 x 24 cms
7 KG
19mm OD Spout (no-drip)
2.2m delivery, 1.5m suction



  • Self priming piston hand pump design as a cost effective solution
  • Powder coated mild steel plate with locking back bar for easy mounting and moving between IBCs
  • Swivelling 90º spout with self closing reed valve to prevent the mess of dripping
  • 2.2m delivery, 1.8m suction hose and connector. Pump inlet connects externally to drain valve at base of IBC.
  • Integrated pump locking nut
  • High capacity hose holder and nozzle holster
  • Integrated pump locking nut
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