August 5, 2018
Tuff Tanks

Why Wernick Hire use our plastic Tuff Tanks

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At Plastic Solutions (Aldridge) Ltd are proud to supply our range of plastic Tuff-Tanks and pumping solutions to Wernick Group Ltd. So much so, we are pleased to collaborate and co-write this blog with Bridget Bonsall - Wernick's Depot Manager in Cornwall.

Plastic Solutions and Wernick Hire

As a bit of background, the Wernick Group is the largest independent hirer and manufacturer of modular and portable buildings in Britain, with 28 hire depots, 4 divisional sales offices and 3 specialist event hire depots. The Wernick Group works extensively across both the public and private sectors and has been both family-owned and run since its conception some 85 years ago.  

Wernick Hire uses our Tuff-Tank range to capture effluent waste from construction site welfare units: our Tuff-Tanks neatly fit under the welfare unit to collect waste from toilets, kitchens and shower blocks.

Bridget says, "Here in the Cornwall Depot, a lot of the sites that we supply are rural, with no access to mains drainage.  Therefore, together with Plastic Solutions, Wernick Hire have been able to turn a potential problem into a simple turnkey solution. We offer our clients a waste tank and a pumping service." 

Bridget goes on to say, "We used to use steel tanks. However, they presented us with many challenges over the years.  Firstly, they were heavy and cumbersome, making moving them tricky.  It also meant they couldn't be easily tipped (at the end of the cleaning process) to remove any remaining residue. Besides that, they didn't have inlet covers either, so any residual waste would tip out on the highway during transit. As an environmentally aware company, we certainly didn’t want that.

“Secondly, the corrosive nature of waste in steel tanks meant the metal tanks quickly rusted, which lead to waste leaking from tanks. This is not only unsightly and smelly but a potential health risk too.  Repairing them was awkward, and the regular replacement was costly.  

“Over the last few years, as a business, we have been actively replacing all of our old stock of steel tanks with Tuff-Tanks from Plastic Solutions.  

“The Tuff-Tank range is ideal for our business at Wernick’s in many ways -  

Plastic Tuff-Tanks:  

- don't rust
- are robust and lightweight
- can be safely moved manually (so no lifting equipment needed)
- have 4 screw-on lids, so we can transport them safely with minimal residual waste inside and no danger of any leakage on the highway: for us, this is a huge benefit and offers peace of mind to our clients too.  
- are perfectly sized to sit underneath our standard toilet blocks and are easily accessible for connections and emptying."

We’ve got Tankology!

Our complete range of tanks all neatly lined up in an array

Plastic Solutions (Aldridge) Ltd is a market leader in innovative and environmentally friendly, plastic effluent waste and water tanks, portable urinals, toilets, spares for the portable sanitation industry and much more.

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