Waste Water Tanks

Our range of plastic tanks is not just for effluent or potable water - they're for waste water too.

mini tuff tank 160 gllon waste water capacity
Mini Tuff Tank

Plastic Solutions is very well known for its Tuff Tank range of plastic effluent tanks. It's now getting visibility for it's water tanks and bowsers. 

Maybe it's time that we highlighted that our plastic tanks are perfectly suited for waste water collection and storage too.

Our Mini Tuff Tank and Tuff Tank products offer 160 gallon (725 litre) and 500 gallon (2270 litre) waste water storage capacities respectively. That makes them ideal for use where there is no mains sewer connection. 

Tuff Tank 500 gallon waste water holding tank
Tuff Tank

Both of the tanks can easily be positioned underneath welfare units or shower blocks on bulding sites, because of their lightweight plastic construction. They are also perfect for mobile kitchens, concessions trailers, caravan sites, boatyards and marinas.

The tanks are made from UV-protected MDPE (medium density polyethylene) with 6-8mm wall thickness. They are specially designed to cope with the stresses and strains of life on site and to make it as easy as possible to move and maintain them.

Whatever your waste water storage requirement we'd be delighted to talk to you today.

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